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Bull's Eye Home Inspections, Durham, NC Radon Testing

Radon Testing information for Bull's Eye Home Inspections, Durham, NC. Serving Chapel Hill, Hillsborough, and Orange County as well as Durham County, North Carolina.


Radon Testing


I do radon testing within 15 miles of downtown Durham (based on Google Maps). The standard cost is $100. I use state-of-the-art Corentium Pro Digital Radon Monitor by Airthings, which allows an accurate reading with an instantaneous report once the two-to-three-day testing period is complete. For clients who are also using me as a home inspector and have a home with a partially or fully finished basement, I offer this service for $50, because the likelihood for radon problems is higher with this type of home and I want to strongly encourage you to get it tested. For homes beyond 15 miles away, I can recommend other companies for you.


If you need more information on what radon is and why you should consider testing for it, please visit the EPA's radon web page.